Monday, May 27, 2013

Interviewing the Interviewer

Hi, I'm Alison Bruce. I produce Nighthawk Talks. Before we go off on a run of new releases, I thought it was about time we put our host in the hot seat.

Nighthawk, you are actually raven, isn't that true.

True. My father wanted to call me Quoth but my mother said I already had too many relatives by that name. Mom was a bit of a rebel.

What attracted you to be a radio interviewer?

To be honest, I wanted to be a cop, but I didn't meet the height requirements. I did train to be a PI but people tend to be suspicious of ravens. That put me at a disadvantage.

But aren't all private investigators viewed with suspicion?

Seriously? Real private investigators blend into the background and don't arouse anything. That's why I prefer to interview fictional PI's. They're much more exiting and I like eye-candy as much as the next bird.

So, you became an interviewer to meet hot guys?

Maybe. A little bit. I meet some very interesting women too. We strong women have to look out for each other.

True. Why radio? Why not a video show?

The easy answer is that my producer is too cheap. Seriously, we're talking book characters here. Every reader has their own image of what they are like. It's better that way.

You've been watching Grey's Anatomy reruns again, haven't you?



Stay tuned next week when Nighthawk interviews a character from Rosemary McCracken's BLACK WATER.


  1. Terrific interview! Nighthawk is quite a personality!

    BTW, Bram Killoran has asked me to express his thanks for being considered one of those "hot eye candy" fellas with a humble, "Aw, shucks, thank you kindly, ma'am." :-)

    1. Nighthawk and I have a lot of fun over on this blog.