Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Becki Green from A Purse to Die For

Yeah, you're absolutely right. If you want to know about veggie cooking, especially in Black Currant Bay, I'm the one to talk to. Back home in my beloved adopted hometown, I swear I've got to be the only person scouring Metro for tofu.

Oops. We're back on the air Becki.

I've been talking to Becki Green who can be found in A Purse to Die For by Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St-Pierre. Becki is an amateur sleuth and vegetarian foodie. An interesting combo.

I wasn't always vegetarian. To this day, I still love the taste of flame-grilled filet mignon. But I've got more than 25 years' experience cooking meat-free. From a home cook perspective, you understand, with close to a hundred recipes in my virtual recipe book,

Have you ever considered trying to get your own show, like friend and partner in crime solving, Gina Monroe? You could do for vegetarian cooking what she does for fashion.

Keep in mind, I'm not a chef and don't claim to be. Hey, do you watch MasterChef on TV? Love that show!

Maybe we should talk about the murder mystery.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't been in Langdon Hills to celebrate my godmom's birthday.

(Sniff) Sorry. Makes me tear up to think about it. It was supposed to be such a happy time. She died suddenly. Very upsetting. I stayed for her funeral the reading of her will. None of us expected a body to be discovered in the backyard.

I don't suppose anyone does. Were you a suspect?

Yes, I was a suspect. (Loud exhale.) Was interviewed by Detective Rob Dumont and everything. Being married to the Chief of Police of Black Currant Bay didn't get me out of that one. No sirree.

Man, I've never been suspected of any wrongdoing before, in my life! I mean, I'm like everybody else. I try to be good and honest I don't even cheat on Measure How Sex-crazed/starved You Are self-quizzes. But Detective Dumont said, and I quote, "you arrive here in Langdon Hills and people drop like flies."

Not the most tactful of comments.

You know what I learned from this?

Do tell.

(Pause) Two things really. One, you can't get everything right all by yourself, 100% of the time. Even if you have a reputation for getting things right. And two, your chances of nailing things will double if you work as a team with somebody who shares your interests.

And that would be Gina Monroe?

Gina and I are both avid amateur detectives.

I take it that means you'll be working together again.

It ain't over yet.

Thank you Becki. And thanks to Cynthia St-Pierre who brought you hear today.

Find out more about Becki and Gina in A Purse to Die For, published by Imajin Books.