Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sandy Beach from Which Exit Angel

Welcome back to Nighthawk Talks. Tonight we have Reverend Sandy Beach from Chris Redding's Which Exit Angel.

Seriously, Sandy Beach?

My parents were avid surfers so they loved the beach. Having the last name Beach was a bonus. And they had a great sense of humour.

Obviously. What church are you reverend of?

I run a non-denominational church. Everyone is welcome. Sometimes  I preach about God and The Bible. Other times I preach about how to be a good person. Right now, I'm not sure what my faith is.

Why are you questioning your faith?

I'm not sure. I've just seen so much bad in the world. I don't know how there can be a God if he lets this evil happen.

Can you question your faith and accept the existence of angels at the same time? How did you meet the angel?

She's investigating the murder of another angel. It blew my mind for sure. She didn't look like an angel at all.

That does sound like a lot to take in. But there's more, isn't there? You two are trying to stop the Apocalypse.

The forces of good and evil are using the Earth as a battleground. The bad guys are tired of being relegated to Hell so they are going to fight the angels for control of the world.

I guess I better let you get back to work. I'm not in favour of apocalypses and have a great admiration for those who stop them.

For more on Sandy Beach, read Which Exit Angel by Chris Redding who you can also follow on Twitter @chrisredding.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lillian Hayes from Deadly Ties

Welcome to Nighthawk Talks. I'm Nighthawk and our guest tonight is Lillian Hayes from Debra Parmley's novel, Dangerous Ties.

Up until recently, Miss Hayes was engaged to marry. Her
fiancé turned out to be a no good con man who persuaded the people in her hometown to exchange their gold for worthless paper. Leave us say, the folks weren't happy and, to their discredit, thought Miss Hayes, one of their own, was involved.

All set, Miss Hayes? Just talk into the microphone there.

Well, life is just full of surprises. I thought nothing would surprise me any more. Goodness. This metal thing will share my voice with people?

Yes, ma'am.

Well. Goodness. And all we do is talk. Goodness.

Well I suppose you'll want to know about the bank notes my ex fiancé stole from the townsfolk. I do not know where they are and I never did. So don't start down that trail. I won't stand for it.

Calm down, Miss Hayes. I'm not saying you're involved or that you know anything about the gold.

I do apologize. Too many people have assumed the worst of me when I gave them no cause to. It's an awful thing when you're telling the truth and no one believes you. Simply awful.

They didn't just talk behind your back, did they?

Why if Nicholas Brace hadn't shown up when he did, before that rope broke, I wouldn't be here talking to you today. That man saved my life. And he believed me too, when no one else would. He's the one man who has always believed me and never doubted.

What happened to your fiancé?

He just up and disappeared one day, taking the gold with him. I can understand how the townsfolk were upset. It was a terrible thing he did, talking them into exchanging their gold for his worthless bank notes. Shelton Security bank notes aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. You might as well use them to light your fireplace if you have any of them.

How did you get involved?

My cousin Carl talked me into coming out west and introduced me to Mr. Shelton. Why, if I'd stayed back east… But then I wouldn't have met Nick. He's a good man that Nicholas Brace. Handsome too. When he looks at me I feel warm and happy, like the sun has just come out from behind the clouds. He taught me how to shoot to protect myself, so I wouldn't be at the mercy of men like Kingston and his hired guns ever again. But I'm worried about him. He's riding into town right into that nest of snakes and I know exactly how quick they can turn mean on you. I aim to follow him somehow, if I can't talk him into letting me go with him. I couldn't bear it if something happened to Nick.

Maybe I should be asking about Nick. Do you see yourself having a future together. A wedding, perhaps?

Goodness no. Wedding? (squeak) No, look what happened the last time I got engaged. I'm in no hurry to marry anyone. Though Nick is a fine man. But a future with him? No, I really can't say. I just want him to be alive and healthy. As long as he is alive and healthy I will be happy. He has his life on the ranch up north and I've been enough of a bother to him aleady. He's late delivering his horses, after taking care of me. No, no, a future with Nick would be too much to hope for. I can't think about that now. I have to get to town.

We'll let you get going, Miss Hayes. Before you go, is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience?

Well yes, that life is short and people can't always be trusted but there are still good men in the world. I'm lucky such a good man found me in time to save my life.

Miss Hayes has left the building. To find out more about her, and the handsome Nick Brace, check out Dangerous Ties by Debra Parmley.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Elwood Calhoun from Lakota Honor

From the small town of Willow Creek, Colorado, we've pulled mine owner Elwood Calhoun to be our guest tonight.

Before we bring him in, let's look at his connection to the heroine of Lakota Honor by Kat Flannery.

Calhoun is interested in marrying Nora Rushton, who spends most of her days locked up in her home with a father who resents her for her healing powers. Calhoun isn't the only one after Nora.
Lakota native Otakatay has been hired to kill the witkowin - that is, witches like Nora. This, of course, opens a whole other can of worms which may have dragging Otakatay's sorry butt in here. But for now, we have Elwood Calhoun, chomping at the bit.

Where the hell am I? Can I make money from this?

Good evening, Mr. Calhoun. Welcome to the studio of Nighthawk Talks. I'm Nighthawk...

Hawk? You look like an oversize blackbird. Are you some kind of injun spirit animal, because I don't believe in that nonsense.

Well, I can see why Miss Rushton isn't rushing to marry you.

Nora Rushton will be my wife. I can give her a life she’s always dreamed of, besides I’m quite the catch. I went all the way to Chicago to get this gold tooth.

From what I understand, Miss Rushton's father doesn't want you to marry her either.

That drunk? Ha!

And then there's Otakatay...

No half-breed will stop me. I get what I want. (laughs) I’ve got reinforcements and I’ll come back with a vengeance.

What makes you think you can get away with this?

I am rich and handsome.

Money can't buy love.

I’m not looking for love. Didn’t you read the story? Money has always gotten me what I want, so nice try and I never give up. I’ll get Nora if it’s the last thing I do and I’ll kill that damn half-breed in the process.

Please, somebody remove our guest from the studio. If you want to find out what happens to this charming gentleman, read Lakota Honor. I haven't met Nora and Otakatay yet, but I'm already rooting for them.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pat Tierney from Black Water

Welcome back to Nighthawk Talks. I'm Nighthawk and tonight we have Pat Tierney back. 

So  Pat, what do you do when you’re not solving murders?

I’m a financial planner. My late husband, Michael, was a financial advisor at a large investment firm. His enthusiasm for his work was contagious so after our first child, Tracy, was born, I took courses, got my accreditation and joined Michael at the branch he ran.
I enjoy helping my clients get their financial houses in order. It's important work that I do, and I take it very seriously.

So, you are a professional financial planner and amateur sleuth. You should write a book.

For the past few years, I’ve been helping Rosemary McCracken write down my stories for her mystery novels, Black Water and  Safe Harbor. Both books are narrated in the first person, meaning that I told Rosemary my stories and she wrote them down. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. These are my stories and I described how I felt when they were taking place. At times, I was absolutely terrified. At other times, I was uncertain what to do. I was beside myself with worry when those bikers in Black Water threatened to take little Tommy from me. I just couldn’t let anything happen to that child.

Let's talk about Black Water. What made you investigate the murder of Lyle Critchley?

Near the end of Safe Harbor, Tracy introduced me to her sweetheart. I had been hearing about this young lawyer, Jamie Collins, for some time, but I had no idea that Jamie was a woman. To put it mildly, I was…shocked. I had no inkling of Tracy’s sexual orientation. And I handled it very badly.

When Black Water opened, my relationship with Tracy was stretched to the limits. She’d moved in with Jamie, and I’d focused on my work. I hoped she’d get over her infatuation. And I made no effort at all to get to know Jamie.

One cold, miserable evening, Tracy came over to the house. She told me that a few days before Jamie had received a letter from Lyle Critchley, an elderly man who lived in the community up north where she’d grown up. Several years before, Lyle had killed her younger sister in an impaired driving accident, and Jamie was upset to get a letter from him asking for her help. I asked Tracy what kind of help he wanted, but she said Jamie hadn’t told her. And she’d shredded the letter as soon as she’d read it.

The following morning, Jamie borrowed Tracy’s car, and Tracy hadn’t seen or heard from her since. But that very evening, Tracy had heard on the television news that Lyle had been killed in a fire at his home. And the police were calling it murder.

I think I can see where this is going. Your daughter wanted your help and you wanted to mend bridges.

Yes. Tracy begged me to go up north and find Jamie. I didn’t see what I could do to help, but I realized how much Jamie meant to my daughter. I also realized that Tracy had been keeping things from me for a long time. I love my children and I don’t want them keeping secrets from me. I had to show Tracy that she could trust me and count on me. Any time. Like then and there.


The next morning, I drove up to the town of Braeloch and met Jamie’s mother.

Jamie's mother gave you a better perspective of your daughter's partner, but also made it clear that Jamie had a solid motive for murder. What made you think Jamie Collins was innocent?

Jamie had been seen near Braeloch on the day Lyle was killed, so the police wanted to talk to her in connection with his death. That, I reasoned, meant that she was a suspect in the murder investigation—the prime suspect. But Jamie wasn’t talking to anyone. She’d vanished.

Tracy insisted to me that Jamie wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was skeptical. I knew that anger and other strong emotions can provoke anyone into a violent act. Even someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But I didn’t think Jamie had rushed up to Braeloch to murder Lyle for killing her sister. If she’d wanted to do that, she would have done it years before.

And the more I learned about her over the next little while, the more I came to like her. Jamie, I learned, was the lawyer who’d secured a landmark judgment on behalf of an elderly woman who’d lost most of her savings when a financial advisor put them into high-risk securities. That impressed me.

Bit by bit, I formed a picture of Jamie as a strong and principled woman. Wherever she was, I figured she was probably investigating something. Probably whatever Lyle had told her in his letter.

You’ve had to deal with a lot of family drama.

Yes. I discovered that my late husband Michael had a son with another woman. I tell that story in Safe Harbor. And I learned that Tracy was a lesbian. In Black Water I realized just how important family is to me, and that I can’t let anything come between me and my children.

How do you juggle family drama and detective work with your career?

I needed to be in Braeloch to look for Jamie so I talked my CEO into sending me up there to supervise the opening of a new branch in the town. Well, that triggered a number of other developments. I not only had Tracy worried out of her mind about Jamie, but I was trying to find a murderer in a community where I knew no one. I did meet people, though. Members of a biker gang. Two women who run a grow op. A wily investment fraudster. And I had thought that nothing ever happened out in the countryside.

How do you cope with all that?

One foot in front of the other, and a lot of deep, relaxing breaths. The family drama, I’m sure, will eventually work itself out. I have faith in my children. My daughters both have big hearts, and they always intend to do the right thing. And little Tommy is a great little boy. I’m sure he’ll turn into a fine man.

My daughter Laura, of course, calls me “the world's biggest pushover.” And she may be right.

Which, of course, means there might be future stories written with Rosemary. Can't wait to find out.

Black Water, the second book in the Pat Tierney series, has just been released. To win a $50 Amazon gift certificate, enter the Black Water Giveaway Contest. Deadline is June 15. 

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