Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fred from Under a Texas Star

Breaking from Nighthawk Talk policy for once, we've invited author Alison Bruce in with her character Fred.

So, Alison, what made you put a proper English butler in an old west setting?

A: When other teenage girls were dreaming of a rich, famous and handsome husband, I dreamed of having my own butler. I wrote a story about him once. He would bring me tea and toast in the morning, make sure my clothes were clean and pressed, oversee the house and grounds keeping staff, be quietly in love with me, willing to stand up to me, and loyal to the death.

Movies like My Man Godfrey - and an intense dislike of house work - inspired my creation of the perfect butler/valet/lover. He was further influenced by a myriad of characters from Batman’s Alfred to Wooster’s Jeeves with a touch of Yoda for good measure.

One of the reasons we invited you is because only you know Fred's full name.

A: Do you mind, Fred?

F: (Sniff)

A: Although only known as Fred in Under A Texas Star, his full name is George Fredericks. As you might notice, if you're a student of royal history, he looks a bit like Prince Albert Victor - one of the Saxe-Cobourg princes.

F: (Cough.)

Any comment, Mr Fredericks?

F: I prefer Fred. Mister Fred if you insist. George Fredericks in dead, a fitting punishment for his crime.

Which is?

F: None of your business sir.

Miss Bruce?

A: I think I've said enough. After all, I have to keep working with Fred. I'd rather we got along.

To find out more about Fred, but not much more, we'll have to read Under A Texas Star published by Imajin Books.

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