Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emily Taylor from The Bridgeman

Tonight we welcome Emily Taylor from Burchill. Ms Taylor is the principal of a small school in, what she describes as, “a sleepy little village.” More like the stuff of nightmares by what I've read in Catherine Astolfo's The Bridgeman. The sleepy village is rocked when the body of the school caretaker is found in the basement. He has been shot and has left behind a diary. Inside these pages, Ms Taylor discovers a very different character from the person she thought Nathaniel Ryeburn was: the writer is angry, cruel, and perverted.

You look uncomfortable Mrs. Taylor. Is there anything wrong?

This brings back memories of a time I'd rather forget. When the police questioned me about Nathaniel and his diary, I was reminded of the tragedy that befell my husband and me in Vancouver in 1980. I was plunged back into the terror, the disbelief, the injustice of it all. My poor husband languished in jail for years. We were deprived of children.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Taylor.

Bad things can happen to good people. Trust me, I know.

Sometimes good people go through more because they get involved more -- as you involved yourself in the investigation of Nathaniel Ryeburn's murder. How did that sit with the police?

Chief Superintendent Edgar Brennan of the OPP is not very happy with me, but it's not my fault. How could I explain my desire to chase down the truth? I'd have to reveal my husband's real name. You can imagine the response!

I'm not sure I can, but I see that you put yourself at risk.

I know I put myself in danger, but I certainly didn't plan on that. After all, something good did come out of my meddling. I am still quite nervous about the media presence in our village, but my husband has made me promise not to get involved any more, so I won't.

So, nothing bad happened to you...?

I thought I had gotten out of harm's way. It's not my fault that there was another nasty surprise awaiting me.

So who is your husband really, Mrs. Taylor?

You know I can't answer that. Not yet, anyway. We're not ready for the notoriety. We had enough of that in Vancouver. I'm developing a wonderful friendship with May. Langford, my husband, has a career in art that's taking off. We don't want to jeopardize any of that. We have no reason to open that Pandora's box.

Fair enough, but... well, you know things like that rarely stay buried.

I know. I have the feeling it ain't over yet. I am nervous and afraid. I like my life here in peaceful Burchill, surrounded by wonderful people and beautiful scenery. But it seems to me that the universe is conspiring against me. Events have caused me to feel restless, dissatisfied and suspicious. What's going to happen next? How will I cope? Will I ever be happy again?

Not for a few books, anyway. 

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  1. Oh my, sounds like Mrs. Taylor is in for some trouble. Nice interview.