Sunday, November 27, 2011

From Asenath

Once again we’ve fired up the Time And Relative Dimension In Space Machine and directed it at ancient Egypt. Out of the sands of time and the pages of Asenath, we've managed to nab Khasekh.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Khasekh.

I am a novice magician in the Temple of Amun. I am originally from an inconspicuous fishing village along the far-flung shores of the Nile river. After a group of invaders ransacked my home and killed my family, I and some other orphans were rescued and brought to the temple at Heliopolis. It was there where I discovered my passion for magic arts, and thus decided that I wanted to become a magician.

How do you know Asenath?

I am her best friend since childhood. Together, we survived our captivity and our adjustment to life in Heliopolis.

How do you feel about life in the big city? Must be quite a change from a fishing village.

I love it. It did take a bit of an adjustment, of course, but I soon learned to love it. There are just so many exciting opportunities here. In the fishing village, life is so stagnant. That is not to say that I am no longer grieving over the loss of my family – of course I am, and will never stop doing so. But I don’t think they would want me to be mourning forever. I am sure if the gods told them where I am now, they would be happy and find peace in the Field of Reeds.

We can hope... I think. How have these events affected your relationship with Asenath?
Well, I love knowing that me and my best friend have gone through so much together, not to mention that we have both morphed from ignorant, illiterate peasants into sophisticated city folk. This was a grand opportunity given by the gods, and it was even grander shared with my best friend. Asenath, alas, seems a bit lost though. I hope that in time, she too will learn to love her new life.

On the whole, things are better for you.

Definitely. I am no longer the naïve provincial boy I was when I first arrived in Heliopolis. Sure it was tragic at first. And as I said, sure I will never stop missing the family I lost. But I was able to overcome all that and I am now a magician. Everything led to the illustrious position I now hold. The gods willing, one day, I will be one of those who personally serve Pharaoh (may he live forever).

Yes... um... Could you be a bit more careful with that staff? Thanks. 

Where do you see yourself in the future?
In the service of His Majesty, the Living Horus. If not that, well then… perhaps one of the senior magicians in Amun’s temple. I have always been excellent at what I do, so I see a bright future ahead of me.


Gah! <cough> I’m not sure if that was magic or a short in the time machine, but Khasekh has left the building.
If you want to find out more about Khasekh and Asenath, you’ll have to read Asenath, by Anna Patricio, Imajin Books. Available in eBook and trade paperback.

<cough> Is there a Doctor in the house?


  1. On Lord Khasekh's behalf: many many thanks, Alison. :) He is eternally grateful to you and wishes to conjure up a spell of gratitude.

    (from Khasekh) Ankh, weneb, sedjet!

  2. His grammar ain't so good -- "Me and my best friend"? But sounds like a good book, thanks, Alison, and Anna, way to go. I like historical novels especially about ancient Egypt like Pauline Gedge's books, which I love! And now I'll have to read yours. On Kindle? On Amazon? I'll look for it.

  3. Nighthawk tried to write "you're welcome" in hieroglyphics. Unfortunately, I couldn't put the result in the comments.