Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Rowena Through the Wall

Good evening. Joining us tonight are Gareth and Cedric, natural enemies here under a truce to speak you, faithful listeners.

Gentlemen, your story can be read in Rowena Through the Wall, but it's told from the lady's point of view. We'd like to get your perspective on events. For instance, what was you first impression of Rowena?

A goddess from the other-worlds – that is what I thought when I walked through the wall to gaze upon her for the first time.  She had been in my dreams for weeks…planted there by the Dreamweaver wizard.  I traveled through time to find her.  I would walk through hell to keep her.

Cedric (laughing harshly):
I saw her too late!  In the chapel, where my worthless brother wed her, not minutes before.  She should have been mine!  I was the eldest.  No matter – she is mine, in all ways now.  A bonny wench, but oh, so much more.  My Valkyrie!  Riding like a man across the fields, facing down the brigands in the glen…a fitting bride for this disciple of Lucifer.

So, you see her as your bride, though she's married to your brother.  Gareth, are your intentions, pardon the cliché, honorable?

She is my love and my dear wife.  I need to protect her by bringing her north with me, to the rugged lands where I am Lord and have firm allies.  She is everything to me, my lady, my love, my wife.

So Rowena has three husbands?
Rowena is my mate before my Lord Lucifer, and she carries my unborn child. Hear me well! I will kill any man who comes between us.  Know it to be true; I’ve killed two already, with my own hands: my worthless brother, and the King himself.  More trash is nothing to me.  Lucifer feeds my black power, and it grows daily.  Stay well away, and leave me with my mate.

(Sound of steel being drawn)

On that note, listeners, we'll have a word from our sponsor.

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  1. Hi Cedric,
    How do you feel about having your story spilled out on the pages of Rowena Through the Wall?

  2. Why would I care what these peasants think? My power grows greater with every day, as all will see and come to fear in Rowena and the Dark Lord.

  3. Love it. I'm all for fresh, interesting, and realistic interviews of characters who can share info that's much more appealing than the stale author interviews we endure everywhere we go...yes I'm talking about my own. I'm sick of answering the same questions over and over again. :)

  4. I promise never to interview you, Ginger, but if you have a character you'd like to introduce me...