Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anne from Sweet Karoline

Good evening and welcome to Nighthawk Talks. Tonight we have Anne Williams direct from Los Angeles and the pages of Sweet Karoline by Catherine Astolfo.

Anne, you've been described as the Ice Queen. How would you describe yourself?

I’m very smart. I worked hard at becoming the Executive Assistant at Grace Productions here in Los Angeles. I’m also loyal, a trait that is a rare commodity it seems.
My worst trait is that I trust too easily.

Like when you partnered with Catherine Astolfo to tell your story? At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?

Oh, my, right from the first sentence. Talk about spilling your guts and misleading the reader!

Misdirection is the prerogative of crime writers. They can be damned twisty sometimes. I should know.

The title of the book is Sweet Karoline. I know that you trusted and loved your friend, but was there any point in your life you thought that Karoline was sweet? What was your first clue that she wasn’t?

All my life I was grateful to Karoline for rescuing me and befriending me. She kept all those crazy stalkers away. She was smart and generous and friendly. I thought she was wonderful. We lived this amazing, hedonistic, self-absorbed life. I really liked that life! It was Karoline who was responsible for most of our lifestyle. Then suddenly she went crazy and turned on me. I mean…Just realized I never said she was "sweet" here. That word could be replaced with nice or lovely or pleasant or  fresh - but I don't think any of those apply to Karoline. She was more like a little bull dog.

A dog that turned rabid? Never mind. Forget I asked. Tell us about Ethan Byrne. He’s right there with you, from the opening line of the book.

Ethan is the kind of man who doesn't judge by appearances. I mean, certainly I'm a beautiful woman and he couldn't help but get turned on. However, my beauty isn't the only reason he was interested in me. He could see through all the layers to the real me - the loveable, intelligent, but flawed person behind the perfection. Ethan's not very good-looking but he's tall and smart and confident and strong. Anyone would be happy to have him, but fortunately for me, he's mine! Oh, did I mention that he's terribly rich, too?

Interesting about him being rich. When Ethan Byrne showed up at your door to investigate Karoline's murder and then just happened to be around when you had your breakdown, I had to wonder if you contrived to have that last event happen just so you could get to know him better. Was that just good luck or did you manipulate events?

You are ridiculous. It was fate that brought us together.


I think this interview is over.

I'm afraid if you want to know more about Anne Williams, you'll have to read Sweet Karoline by Catherine Astolfo. Be warned, once you start, you won't want to stop.

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