Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jake Carmedy from Deadly Legacy

Let's give a warm welcome back to Jacob Carmedy of Deadly Legacy.

It's just Jake. I can produce three pieces of ID to prove that if you like.

Sorry, Mr Carmedy. Chief Thorsen referred to you as Jacob and... what now?


You're scowling at me. I said sorry.

Only the chief gets away with calling me Jacob -- partly because I can't stop him and partly because he's earned the right to call me whatever he damned pleases. I also feel weird when someone calls me Mr. Carmedy -- but that's my bad not yours. I've been out of the regular forces for ten years now and it still feels weird being called mister. Call me Jake or Carmedy, okay.

Once a soldier always a soldier?

I still have reserve status, but yeah, I guess so. Maybe not for everyone...

Do you think it's a bit cliche having a former military man as a detective? Former Army Ranger becomes FBI agent in Bones. Former Army Ranger becomes bounty hunter in the Stephanie Plum novels. All those former SEALs and Marines in NCIS.

Do I care if you think it's cliche? I don't think so. I was a MP and security specialist. What was I going to do? Become a baker? If it makes you happier, I'm not a Ranger, Marine or SEAL. I am Canadian. Anyway, part of the reason I find it strange to be called Mr. Carmedy is because Joe only used "mister" and "ms" with civilians. You might as well say, "once a cop, always a cop."

Fair enough. You still keep your uniform in good order.

Like I said, I still have reserve status. I also keep my hair short, my face clean-shaven and my nails trimmed and filed. But so does every male professional worth his salt. What is this obsession with my military background.

Sure, I like khaki and olive. The colours work for me and I don't have to worry about putting the wrong shirt with the wrong trousers. Everything I own matches. Almost everything I own is equally practical in the office or in the field. You can't say that about the Zoot suits and Berber-style clothes that are in fashion right now.

You seem a little sensitive about this topic.

Certain people seem to have made it their holy mission to get me wearing more colour.

Kate Garrett?

<laugh> No. That maybe the one thing she doesn't want to change. Hell, she even likes me in uniform. And I have to say, she looks fine in her dress blues. Nothing like a woman in uniform, I always say.

Deadly Legacy is free March 4-7, 2013. Pick it up and learn more about Carmedy and Garrett.

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