Saturday, December 22, 2012

Season's Greetings and all that jazz

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Nighthawk here, wishing you a Happy Look-We're-Still-Here Day! I've got Chief of Detectives Igor Thorsen from Deadly Legacy back in the studio. The chief doesn't observe Christmas at this time of year. He and his family celebrate Yuletide.

Which predates Christianity, you know. In fact, Christmas stole many of it's traditions from the old religion.

Stole? A bit harsh. How about adopted?

Don't try to tell an old cop about what is and what is not theft.

Um... mistletoe.

Hmph! Clever hanging that in here. Peace then. Just don't expect me to kiss you, bird beak.

Isn't it bad luck not to kiss under the mistletoe?

Only if you're a couple... or wannabe couple. Mistletoe gives permission for young couples to kiss - but only as long as the berries hold out.  Of course I wouldn't pass up a chance to kiss my wife under the mistletoe... or any other time either.

Which mistletoe tradition is older - peace or kissing?

Good question. Motivated by jealousy, Loki the Trickster was determined to kill Baldr the Good. Warned by a prophesy, Frigg got all things living and inanimate to swear not to hurt her son. Mistletoe got left out of the pact on a technicality. Loki tricked the Blind God Hodr into shooting Baldr with an arrow poisoned with mistletoe. Baldr died, but fortunately that doesn't usually last with gods. Frigg forgave the mistletoe and kissed everyone associated with Baldr's return as a token of thanks.

So, you can see, the kissing part is there from the get-go, but it's about making peace, not making love. Enemies who meet under the branches of a tree growing mistletoe must keep the peace. On the other hand, mistletoe is also associated with fertility and that might go back before the Loki-Baldr incident. Lot's of strong magic in mistletoe.

And you, Chief of Detectives Thorsen, believe in magic.

I'm talking to you, aren't I?

Point taken. So, no kiss?

Maybe a peck.

On that note folks, whatever way you celebrate the season, we wish you...

Happy Holidays


Peace and Prosperity in the New Year

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