Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Igor Thorsen from Deadly Legacy

I usually leave this blog up to Nighthawk, but I thought you might be interested in knowing a bit about Igor Thorsen's origins. He was inspired by the picture of a viking on a gift bag from York, UK. I visited the newly found viking digs with my parents in 1976. Getting that close to an active archeological site was amazing. And that viking on the bag... well I developed quite a crush on the guy. 

Someday I'd like to go the Jorvik Viking Centre and see how the place has changed over the years... but mostly I need to replace my bag.

I'm Nighthawk and this is no place for authors. Instead, I have a real character: Igor Thorsen, Chief of Detectives, City Police Services, brought back from the future. 

Welcome Chief. You're a close friend of Joe Garrett, our previous guest, right?

I’ve known Joseph most of my adult life. He was a community cop back when I was partnered with him as a rookie. Even then, everyone knew Joe and Joe knew everyone. He wasn’t so much older than me, but it took me a while to figure it out. He seemed like he’d been a cop forever.

You also know Joe's daughter Kate.

I’ve known Kathleen all her life. I drove Joseph to the hospital so he could be there when she was born. He was so proud and he wanted her to be proud of him. She was the reason he took the detective’s exam. I don’t think he was all that ambitious for himself. He preferred dealing with people over collecting evidence.

Is it true that Joe pushed Kate to follow in his footsteps?

He was pleased when she chose to become a police officer. I think he wanted her to become a detective. He never came out and said it, but he was always setting her puzzles to solve and playing observation games with her when she was growing up. I know that’s what she thinks he wanted.

Kate didn't get a lot of time to process her father's death.

Life doesn’t stop just because you lose someone you love. You know about the murder of Delano Gage, but my detectives had another dozen or so violent crimes to investigate at the same time. Even so, I gave Kate time off.

I soon saw that wasn’t what she needed. She needed distraction and I needed the manpower. Having her babysit one of the potential targets of our killer seemed like a good idea at the time. To be honest, I didn’t take the threats against him seriously. He was like the boy crying wolf to get attention. But there’s always a real wolf eventually.

In your future, police sometime use consulting detectives. How do you feel about that?

Funnily enough, Joe was one of the biggest opponents of the consulting detective idea. He embraced community policing – not all our colleagues were on board with it – and like I said, he didn’t originally want to be a detective. The hours stink. You’re always on call, even when you’re not supposed to be. You’re always having to upgrade your skills... and it’s nowhere near as glamorous as say Tactical. Sorry. I didn’t mean to go on a rant. The point is that Joe didn’t like the idea of consulting detectives until he became one.

That's not what I asked, Chief. What do you think about consulting detectives working with the police?

The reality is, we don’t have the budget a big city has to have all the detectives we need all the time. Even the OPP is stretched with the cutbacks we’ve had over the years. Like the idea of consulting detectives or not, there are times when I need to engage them. Most of them are former cops, which takes the sting out. Joe’s the only one I’ve brought in on violent crimes though.

You must really miss your friend.
<grunt> I’m really pissed off at Joseph. Not only have I lost my best friend, but because of his death, I’ve had to give up one of my most promising detectives... temporarily. Kathleen Margaret Garrett will be back in my department, legacy or no legacy. You can count on it.

Will she? Maybe we'll ask Kate Garrett that question. Later.

Deadly Legacy, by Alison Bruce, is available in Kindle format and paperback.

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  1. Kate Garrett became one of my most favourite strong female characters the moment I met (read) her. I hope she does an interview soon!

    1. I'll interview Kate right after I interview Emily Taylor. How does that sound?

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